ValueManager™ Products

ValueManager™ is our core product. It is a Web-based enterprise solution that combines advanced algorithms and an innovative data base architecture with clients’ requirements and specific business processes to enable end users to analyze massive amount of data and make accurate and predictive decisions. The Insurance Division of a Fortune 100 company is using the solution to fuse and analyze large, dynamic and disparate data from the Web, from Direct Mail (DM), from Direct Response TV (DRTV), from Affinity programs with major corporate partners as well as from other sources to help the company reduce operating expenses in its Customer Service Centers and increase the ROI of its multi-million dollar marketing programs.

The company is actively involved in innovation to develop new solutions that address and meet the critical requirements of its customers. Reveal Analytics is a past recipient of a competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop visualization tools for large, time-varying and high-dimensional datasets to enable decision makers in many areas to make timely and automated decisions to reduce risk on a predictive basis. The underlying tools and components of the technology make ValueManager™ an appropriate solution for problems in many areas, including Homeland Security, Intelligence, Defense, Health Care, mHealth (mobile Health), Financial Services, Investment, Energy, Retail, Communications and Media.

Reveal Analytics has developed another product called IntelliCoach™, a Web-based enterprise solution that leverages advanced algorithms to analyze massive amount of data and make automated recommendations to improve operational performance. The software was deployed at APAC, a global customer services provider to reduce training costs in its customer service centers. The application analyzes data that is collected while Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are talking to consumers and uses advanced algorithms to provide timely and individually targeted training guides in-between outbound calls on the monitor screens to help CSRs improve their communication and sales skills, provide better customer service and increase sales productivity. This remote monitoring application allows managers in customer service centers to significantly reduce the ratio of supervisors to CSRs, to reduce operating costs and to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the customer service centers.


We work with our clients to develop and implement solutions in the following areas:

Dynamic Data Analytics and Technology Solutions

  • Data mining
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Information sharing & distribution
  • Data fusion and data integration
  • Data visualization
  • High volume data fusion and reduction algorithms for modeling and analysis
  • Data analysis, testing & evaluation
  • Data verification & validation


  • Revenue, Volume, Financial Analysis and Forecasts
  • Economic & Statistical Analysis & Modeling
  • Time Series & Trend Analysis
  • Cost behavior modeling & forecast for budget analysis

Marketing Modeling & Analytics

  • Data mining
  • Scoring & Predictive Modeling
  • Dynamic Data Analytics
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Statistical Sampling

Risk Management

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Scoring Behavior Modeling
  • Anomaly Detection for high volume, dynamic and streaming data for investment decisions
  • Consumer & Portfolio Risk Modeling

Intelligence/Defense/Homeland Security

  • Intelligent decisions
  • Advanced algorithms (statistical and non-statistical) for intelligent and automated decisions
  • Understanding & managing massive, dynamic & diverse data
  • Risk management for fraud detection and prevention
  • Intelligent, automated analysis and alerts
  • Algorithms and software for anomaly detection in massive data sets
  • Modeling, Simulation & Analysis for risk mitigation
  • Software and intelligent algorithms for anomaly detection and reporting
  • Data fusion for efficient analysis, interpretation and sharing of information
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Data visualization
  • Budgeting & cost behavior modeling
  • Specialized software

Healthcare and mHealth (mobile Health)

  • Predictive modeling to detect and identify improper payments and reimbursements
  • Data transformation and data reduction
  • Specialized software systems
  • Technology health analytics
  • mHealth (mobile Health) applications and analytics
  • Suspicious pattern recognition
  • Clinical Decision Support System
  • Custom Database Architecture
  • Technology and analytics for biosurveillance and chronic disease management
  • Health disparity technology
  • Biostatistics, Statistics and Evidence Based Medicine
  • Study Monitoring
  • Data intelligence
  • Pilot Testing Studies
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis of all types
  • Scientific Programming (Algorithm Development)
  • Study Design, Sample Size & Power Calculation
  • Protocol Development
  • Molecular Modeling Tools: Tripos SYBYL, Accelereys GCG, Maple and Corvid
  • Statistical Analysis Tools: SAS, Maple, SPSS, S-Plus, Matlab and Sigma Plot

Six Sigma Consulting


  • Custom application services
  • Advanced software systems
  • Web-based solutions
  • Data transformation and data fusion technology
  • Data visualization
  • Computer systems design services
  • Decision Support System
  • Program management


  • Energy risk modeling
  • Demand Response (DR) and consumer behavior modeling to shift and reduce energy usage
  • Meter Data Management (MDM) analytics to improve operational efficiencies,
  • Data fusion and data mining
  • Statistical analysis
  • Web-based analytic applications